Payroll, Human Resources, Risk Management Specialists



3G’s has been in business since 1976 providing its services to employers across the country for 4 decades now.  We provide a range of services including but not limited to human resource consultation, payroll, risk management, workers compensation insurance and a comprehensive employee benefit package.

Every employer big or small has their own unique nuances about how they run their business.   With the ever-changing government regulations, most employers do not have the time or resources to keep up.  Rather than taking the chance and spending money on attorney fees, why not let us help lessen your company’s exposure.  As an employer in California you could be liable for employee attorney fees and government penalties.  Our main goal is to help you avoid unnecessary expenses and combat lawsuits.

Depending on your company needs, we will provide you with a custom proposal to address the specific challenges you may want help with.

Payroll – It’s more than just a paycheck

Hire Three G’s to provide one of the most cumbersome duties of being an employer, payroll, processing accurate and timely paychecks.

Risk Management 

After 4 decades, 3G’s has experienced just about every risk imaginable. Let us help you maintain a safe work environment for employees

Human Resources

Three G’s provides hands-on real time professionals to assist with maintaining EE compliance at every level.

Employee Benefits

Depending on your particular needs we have a myriad of Employee Benefits to offer.