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We’re a thriving part of the global market since 1976. An all things people firm, that provides Payroll Management, HR Solutions, Employee Benefits, and Risk Management along with leadership development, diversity, and inclusivity. We’re passionate people who love coming to work every morning and enjoy working (that’s our secret to doing good business!) We firmly believe the satisfaction and happiness of our employees will reflect the quality of work delivered to you.


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PEO agencies are institutions that help small businesses to outsource human resource services. It helps firms manage the responsibilities and liabilities related to their workforce. PEO manages the administrative burden for small to mid-sized businesses, including payroll, tax compliance, HR services, and helps with ever changing regulatory compliance.

Apart from the excellent customer service provided by 3 G’s, we assist small businesses to be more productive and profitable and will help with staff retention. We also help companies to manage their worker’s compensation, payroll, employee benefit packages, wage and hour compliance, mandatory retirement requirements, etc.

3 G’s can be hired by almost any type of business. Even nonprofit organizations stand to benefit from the PEO services provided by  3 G’s. Businesses in various industries , such as transportation and warehousing, manufacturing, hi-tech, financial services, and more are commonly finding they can save money when using 3 G’s.

The business owners can directly supervise and control the employees. PEO doesn’t interfere with how the business is run. PEO clients can still determine the wages, responsibilities, work schedules, etc. of the shared employees,  but now you have a team of experts to ensure you are handling things correctly and no longer have to worry about the administrative paperwork required to stay in compliance.

Yes. PEO agencies are equipped to aid with employee benefits and help small businesses come up with attractive fortune 500 benefit packages that might not be available to small businesses.