Risk Management

A risk can be anything that might cause potential danger to your company. And there are many things that can cause harm to your business: WC Injury lawsuits, OSHA violations, I-9 Audits, EEOC compliance, Wage & Hour claims, PAGA claims, along with crime, fire, vandalism, damage sustained to office equipment, computer virus, etc. to name a few. 

We have been working in the industry for 40+ years and 3G’s has the experience to help companies that might overlook things they consider miniscule or non-related to their industry.  There are many things that might go wrong in a workplace.  3 G’s offers good risk management strategies so that you can reduce claims and get better control of your costs and exposure, letting you run your company smoothly without issues. 

You might not have a clear picture of the necessary risk management strategies that need to be implemented in order to minimize risks. This is why you need our help. We will collaborate with you and help implement safety protocols so that you can be confident your employees are not at risk. Research has suggested that employees who feel safe in their work environment show more productivity and efficiency. Having better risk management means that there are fewer claims. Better risk management also means reducing your WC E-Mod rating and that can be a big factor in your bottom line.