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3G’s has been in business since 1976 providing its services to employers across the country for decades. We provide a range of services including but not limited to payroll, co-employment, human resource consultation, risk management, workers compensation insurance and a comprehensive employee benefits package.

Every employer big or small has their own unique nuances about how they run their business. 3G’s recognizes this and offers services as a complete package or as individual product offerings. Depending on your company needs 3G’s will provide you with a custom proposal to address the specific challenges you want help with.

3G’s strives to maintain quality long-term relationships with all our partners. Since the inception of 3G’s in 1976, we’ve processed payroll for our clients using our original Federal and State identification numbers

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How Can 3G’s Help Your Business?

Here at 3G’s, we understand that you might have a lot on your plate while running your business. It is difficult to deal with all the HR requirements, payroll, workers’ compensation, employee benefit packages, etc. on your own. These are the factors that need your undivided attention. However, as a small business, the chances of your company having separate departments to handle these are unlikely. 

For more than 40 years, 3G’s has been one of the most successful PEO services in the nation.  Not many can say they have had the same FEIN for over 4 decades.  Our company has a reputation for giving its clients hassle-free experiences and offers a variety of services, including payroll, human resource management, workers’ compensation, risk management, etc.   3G’s can cater our services to meet your  precise needs, freeing up time for management to focus on your core business.

Why Should You Choose 3 G’s?

Well to start 3G’s will deal with the administrative burden of payroll and tax compliance,  we can also handle all your workers’ compensation headaches on your behalf.  When 3G’s handles your WC, we handle the claims from cradle to grave, we eliminate any costly claim errors that we see in various companies we have analyzed.  Reducing claim costs affects your bottom line.  3G’s will also aid you in fulfilling your HR requirements, wage and hour compliance, risk management, and coming up with attractive and budget-friendly employee benefit packages. Take a step forward in enhancing your business by joining our family.

Our clients are of at most importance to us. We intend to make your customer experience as smooth as possible. 3G’s have a family of incredibly dedicated employees who become part of your team.  We want to make sure that you are well equipped to run your company and help you to reach your highest potential by taking care of the boring paperwork and carrying out the heavy lifting so that you can focus all your attention on efficiently running your company. 

When a company partners with a PEO, the PEO will also be a co-employer of the company’s employees. This does not, however, imply that the PEO will interfere with how the company is operated. 3G’s is the best PEO option for your company. We will help you reach the heights of your potential. According to statistics, businesses that partner with 3G’s expand around 10% quicker than those that don’t, and they see about 15% less staff turnover.


Companies will eventually be able to boost their prosperity, which will result in a sharp increase in production by partnering up with us. 3G’s also give you access to benefits that are enjoyed by employees of high-end firms. Many clients have benefited from  3G’s assistance in cutting their premiums while noticeably lowering their WC E-Mod. In summary, 3G’s will help you to run your company with peace of mind without having to worry about all the back office paperwork that tends to swamp so many small businesses.