3G’s: A Futuristic Approach To PEO and Insurance

As a small business, you might find it difficult to become established. The current economy, with the advent of the pandemic, has been more depressing than ever. PEOs and insurance are a necessity that small businesses need to thrive. When it comes to small businesses, there are numerous challenges that are faced by the owner. If the businesses are not associated with PEO the chances of employee turnover will be high and this will negatively affect the company. With the globalization of the world and the advancement of technologies, it is easy to find opportunities for anybody, and this leads to a decrease in employee retention. In such circumstances, it is important for small businesses to come up with ways to recruit elite talent and increase retention. One of the predominant ways to do this is by associating themselves with a PEO, or Professional Employer Organization. 3 G’s is a PEO service that small businesses need in order to grow. 


3 G’s has been one of the most predominant services in PEO that has lasted for more than four decades. 3 G’s has been a firm that always provides a hassle-free experience to its customers; they offer a wide array of services including payroll, human resource services, workers’ compensation, risk management, etc. 3 G’s cater to the exact needs of the unique nuances administered by the management of the company. The customer can either get the complete package or they can get individual product offerings.  

Why Are PEOs Necessary?

 PEO allows small businesses to outsource human resource services. It helps the companies to manage the liabilities and responsibilities that are associated with employees.  PEO deals with aspects of running small to mid-size businesses such as HR services, employee benefits, payroll, administration, regulatory compliance assistance, etc.

 Associating with a PEO means that the employees in a company will be co-employed by the PEO as well. However, this doesn’t imply any interference from the PEO on how the business is run. Statistically speaking, the companies that work alongside a PEO are seen to grow about 10% faster than the ones without and are seen to have about 15% less employee turnover. A  PEO has the ability to help the company from going out of business.

Each company has a set of challenges that they face. With the help of 3 G’s, small business owners will get assistance in dealing with and successfully overcoming those hurdles. Everything a small business needs is provided by 3 G’s. It is a very customer-centric organization and they make it a point to maintain amicable relationships with its partners. Ever since the advent of the firm, they have utilized federal and state identification numbers to process the payroll of their respective clients.

What Are The Services Provided By 3 G’s?

When you are a small business owner, there is a litany of things that you need to pay close attention to. Oftentimes, the owner is not able to focus on maintaining necessary HR services. It is vital for small businesses to have HR services and proper employee retention strategies. Without these, the employee turnover rate for the company will become high and negatively impact the business.  Employees have a tendency to leave if they are not happy with the condition in their workplace.  

Some of the main factors that lead to high employee turnover are;  if employees being overworked and underappreciated, lack of recognition in the firm, dissatisfaction with the management, etc. If the employees are not able to maintain a good work-life balance, it is going to disrupt productivity and if the employees are not in compliance with the work culture propagated by the company, it will be difficult for them to prolong their tenure at the respected office as well. 3 G’s offers excellent PEO services that have proven to make workplaces more efficient and reduce employee turnover. The major services offered by 3 G’s are;

Excellent HR support: If you are a blooming small business, you might not have a dedicated HR department to keep everything under control. If any HR issues arise in the company, 3 G’s can assist in resolving them. The excellent and highly trained professionals in the HR team employed by 3 G’s are a necessity for the success of any company. This will ultimately lead to an increase in employee retention. HR requirements for different companies may vary, here at  3 G’s they offer customized HR services that are specially made for the needs of your small business.

Better benefit packages: 3 G’s strive to help small businesses come up with better benefit packages. This will allow the employees to have much more substantial choices over their benefit packages. 3 G’s help create benefit packages that will provide satisfaction to the workers and aid in increasing employee retention. Better benefit packages will keep the employees much happier and will motivate them to prolong their tenure in the company.

Payrolls: In any company, it is vital that the staff are paid on time. 3 G’s can handle this on the behalf of your small business. The firm can make sure that the staff is paid rightly on time. If there are late payments, that might make the employees question the integrity and financial stability of the company. Dealing with payrolls can be a frustrating experience for any business owner, here at 3 G’s, they make it a point to handle all the predicaments that come with payrolls so that there are no complications that the clients have to go through. 3 G’s are equipped to manage all the requirements, taxes, etc. that are required for legal compliance as well.

Risk Management: small businesses should always be aware of the financial risk management that is required to successfully run a company. 3 G’s will aid your company in maintaining the security and safety of your workplace along with recruitment, termination, drug testing, etc. The risk management performed by the firm will control costs and save you time, while still allowing you to gain access to different services. 3 G’s will obtain workers’ compensation insurance on behalf of your small business along with implementing procedures to ensure safety and distribute safety documents.

Why Does Your Small Business Need 3 G’s?

Oftentimes, the reason why many small businesses are not able to reach their highest potential is because of the lack of HR services and resources. 3 G’s allow small businesses to have the opportunity to outsource HR services and provide them with highly trained professionals. The firm can help the company to decrease employee turnover and increase employee retention as much as possible. 3 G’s will come up with excellent strategies for your small business so that the losses and exposure can be mitigated. This will add to the betterment of the companies and the company owners will have more time to train their employees and monitor their growth. 

3 G’s will ultimately allow small businesses to increase their prosperity which will lead to a significant hike in their productivity. A major reason to use 3 G’s is that it will allow the employees of small businesses to have access to various benefits that are only available to the employees of well-established industries. They also provide comprehensive assistance in running the business. 3 G’s have aided numerous clients in reducing their premiums while significantly lowering their E-Mod. 3 G’s provides numerous resources and myriad added benefits and takes care of everything so that your small business can thrive and the owner can successfully run their business with peace of mind. 


 Why should a business use 3 G’s?

3 G’s help to increase the productivity and profitability of small businesses and will help to increase employee retention among numerous other benefits.

What is PEO?

PEO enables human resource services to be outsourced by small firms. It aids businesses in managing the obligations and liabilities connected to personnel. PEO handles operations for small to mid-sized firms, including HR services, employee benefits, payroll, administration, support for regulatory compliance, etc.

 What kinds of businesses can hire 3 G’s?

3 G’s can be hired by almost all types of businesses. Even nonprofit organizations stand to benefit from the PEO services provided by 3 G’s. Businesses such as manufacturing, hi-tech, financial services, etc are commonly seen to use 3 G’s. 

Does 3 G’s interfere with how the business is run?

With 3G’s, you will have the best customer experience ever. The business owners can directly supervise and control the employees. 3G’s don’t interfere in how the business is run. The clients of the 3G’s have the power to determine the wages, responsibilities, work time, etc.

How vast are 3G’s services utilized?

3G’s possesses many loyal clients who have been using its services for many years. 3G’s also has a major clientele that spreads across the United States of America as well. 


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