Navigating AB5 Compliance for Trucking Companies: 

Best Practices and Solutions

The implementation of Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) has had a significant impact on the trucking industry, requiring trucking companies to reassess how they classify their drivers. To ensure compliance with AB5 regulations, trucking companies need to adopt best practices and seek effective solutions. Here are some key considerations to navigate AB5 compliance successfully.

  • Understand the ABC Test:

Familiarize yourself with the ABC test criteria used to determine worker classification under AB5. Ensure your drivers meet all three criteria to be classified as independent contractors.

  • Consult with Legal Experts:

Seek guidance from legal professionals experienced in employment law and AB5 compliance. They can provide tailored advice and help you understand the nuances of the law.

  • Document Worker Relationships:

Maintain detailed records and agreements that demonstrate the independent contractor status of your drivers. Clearly outline expectations, duties, and contractual terms to support your classification.

  • Review Contracts and Agreements:

Regularly review and update contracts and agreements with drivers to ensure they reflect the requirements of AB5 and provide adequate protection for your business.

  • Consider a PEO:

Partnering with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) specializing in the trucking industry can streamline compliance efforts. A PEO can handle payroll, benefits, and worker classification, and provide expertise on AB5 regulations.

Complying with AB5 is crucial for trucking companies to mitigate legal risks and maintain smooth operations. 3G’s can help you to navigate AB5 compliance effectively. Stay proactive and adaptable to ensure long-term success in this evolving regulatory landscape. Contact us today!


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