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You don’t have to tell us that owning a small business can be hectic. We know how sometimes all the legal obligations, HR services, payrolls, workers’ compensation, taxes, etc. can seem a bit overwhelming to you. It is no secret that you could use some help. That is why PEO agencies exist. They provide an extra helping hand so that you can leave all the boring paperwork of payrolls and the exasperation of dealing with workers’ compensation, etc. 

3 G’s offers the most efficient and best PEO services available in the market. If you are a small business owner, then we know how tiresome dealing with payrolls can be. 3 G’s specializes in payroll services because you shouldn’t have to be frustrated about it. 3 G’s provides a customized experience for every client, just so that you can focus on what you’re best at, and that is efficiently running your small business. 

What Is Payroll?

In layman’s terms, payroll is the process of paying the employees that are working in an organization. Some of the major things that need to be performed in payroll are; the lists of the employees that are working under the organization have to be collected, how many hours of work and productivity they have indulged in has to be noted, the payment for the employees is to be calculated, paying them on time and keeping track of the payroll expenses has to be done as well.  However, payroll is not just making sure the employees get paid on time and keeping track of how much they get paid. It is more complicated than that. However independent contractors and freelancers are typically not included on the payroll.

In more established companies, they will usually be an accounting section or a payroll department that deals with payroll. However, when it comes to small businesses, it would be difficult for them to maintain a separate department just for payroll, that is why they need a PEO service that will deal with the payroll for their employees on their behalf. In order to comply with federal and state regulations, it is important to have the necessary employee information. It is also vital to maintain reports about the wages, salaries, gross pay, net pay, and any deductions that might take place or any amount that is withheld. 

Once all the above-mentioned details and documents are in your hands, you can start running payroll. The major steps that are done to run payroll are; defining the procedures and policies, calculating the gross pay by collecting the necessary documents, calculating any deductions that might be there, calculating the net pay, paying the employees, and maintaining the records. As you can see, it can be a bit exhausting to deal with payroll. But that’s why you need 3 G’s, we do all this without the small business owner having to go through any hassle so that they can run their business with peace of mind.

Why Is Payroll Necessary For Your Business?

You must have already been familiar with payrolls. For any organization with more than one staff, it is mandatory that they need to have a payroll. The payroll is vital in managing the financial activities of the company. There are many different aspects of payroll that come in handy when it pertains to an organization. If the employees are not paid on time and consistently, the chances of them feeling undervalued and unappreciated are high. Hence, it will lead to a decrease in their spirit and productivity. Maintaining payroll properly means that the employees will be paid on time and their trust in the financial stability and integrity of the company will be reinforced. 

Managing payroll might be an exasperating task. However, the new technologies and software have made it much easier to deal with and keep proper records of all the financial activities that are performed by the company. Managing employee and corporate taxes takes a lot of time for many businesses. Without proper payroll management, it can be quite misleading and confusing to calculate relevant factors like overtime, holidays, and bonuses.  Wage management is a  crucial part of running a business as well. If it isn’t properly dealt with, then it delays staff planning and management, however, it also saves time that can be applied to other crucial corporate tasks.   

Payroll management also helps with legal compliance as well. Any business that has employees are required to maintain various records of the workers and the company is expected to comply with labor laws.  Payroll also enables employees to feel and understand their worth in the company. The total compensation of the employee is built into the payroll. The employee will obtain raises, benefits, etc. after having their performance evaluated by the company. Such benefits are proven to increase the morale and productivity of the employees. Which ultimately leads to the success of the company and adds more efficiency to how the company operates.

What Are The Payroll Services Offered By 3 G’s?

By now, we are sure that you know how exhausting dealing with payroll can be.  It is possible to have an in-house department to manage the payroll. However, for small businesses, it is unlikely that they will have their own in-house department to deal with payroll and keep track of the financial management of the company. This is why your small business needs to outsource payroll services. 3 G’s is one of the best PEO services that are available for you to properly maintain your payroll services. 

Some of the major services that are provided by 3 G’s are; we make sure that an employee master file is kept, payroll register and custom reports are kept and maintained, tip compliance, equal pay compliance, garnishment administration, wage and hour compliance, employee direct deposit payroll, new hire reporting, etc. 3 G’s take our responsibilities seriously when it comes to payroll services. Our motto is to make the lives of small business owners as easy as possible and we mean to implement that. So outsource your payroll services so that you don’t have to be frustrated with the paperwork. We have your back on that. So if you haven’t done it already, partner up with us so that we can help you reach your true potential.


  1. What is payroll?

Payroll, in the simplest terms, is the process of compensating the workers who are employed by an organization. Some of the most important payroll-related tasks include gathering lists of the employees who are working for the company, noting the number of hours they have worked and how productive they have been, calculating their pay, paying them on time, and keeping track of payroll costs, etc.

  1.  Why is it necessary for businesses to manage their payroll?

Any organization that employs more than one person is required to have a payroll. Payroll management is essential for overseeing the business’s financial operations. Calculating important factors like overtime, holidays, and bonuses can be very misleading and confusing without proper payroll management. Managing wages is an essential aspect of operating a business. and many businesses spend a lot of time managing employee and corporate taxes. Payroll plays a vital role in all of these aspects.

  1. Why should you choose 3 G’s payroll services?

3 G’s offers one of the best payroll services in the market. 3 G’s handles all the paperwork for payroll so that small businesses can focus on running their company.

  1. What are the payroll services offered by 3 G’s?

An employee master file is kept, payroll register and custom reports are kept and maintained, tip compliance, equal pay compliance, garnishment administration, wage and hour compliance, employee direct deposit payroll, new hire reporting, etc. are the payroll-related functions performed by 3 G’s


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